Collection: Aya Tanaka / 田中 礼

陶芸家 / Ceramic Artist



1977 鳥取県生まれ
2000 大阪産業大学工学部環境デザイン学科卒業
2002 愛知県立瀬戸窯業高等学校陶芸専攻科修了
2005 瀬戸市新世紀工芸館研修修了 

Time for molding ― touching the soft clay and changing its shape by my own movements.
Time for decoration ― it changes into a hard substance through the process of drying and firing.
Ceramic art is fascinating because it gives us many surprises and impressions in its creation.

The images projected on my works are based on various things that pass through my mind,
and are made up of multiple elements that come out naturally when I think of creating them.

1977 Born in Tottori Prefecture
2000 Graduated from Environmental Design at Osaka Sangyo University, Faculty of Engineering
2002 Completion of Ceramic Course at Aichi Prefectural Seto Technical High School
2005 Completion of induction course at Seto Ceramics and Glass Art Center

AYA TANAKA Exhibition at Little TAO / 2020