Collection: Akihiko Kojima / 小島 秋彦

木彫作家 / Wood Carving Artist



Lives and works in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan. Started self-taught woodworking at the end of 2009 after work, and started presenting his work in 2011. His creative mushroom-themed works have attracted attention, and he has gradually expanded his activities to the whole of Japan.

Completely self-taught in creation, his work is distinctly different from the fantastical, industrial precision and realism that is so common, yet it has the presence of a wood carving that seems to come to life.

He now incorporates not only mushrooms but also books and small animals such as snails into his motifs, weaving a quiet, multi-layered world that evokes the depth of time and stories.
His collaborations with painter Yuko Higuchi are also popular.

A Portrait of Akihiko Kojima / 木彫作家 小島 秋彦

【4K/60P】小島秋彦氏 2023年入荷分全作品紹介動画