Collection: Ichiko Inose / 猪瀬 市子

陶芸家 / Ceramic Artist



Born on May 01, 1962, in Gifu, which is known as the hometown of Mino-yaki wares. Her bold and passionate expression on her works succeeds the legacy of the pottery culture accumulated over 1300 years there.
At the first visit of Morocco in 2016, she fell in love with this beautiful land. The messages from the mother earth through contact with her heart and hands have been encouraging and inspiring her.

Returned to Japan in August 2020 by Corona. Currently, she resumes production in her hometown of Gifu.

1982 Graduated from Kyoto Saga Art Junior College, Ceramic Department
1987 Graduated from Tajimi City Ceramics Design Institute

猪瀬市子 陶展『About SOIL -Ichiko’s Life story –』 2021